Welcome to Justintime Farm.

This site shows photos of what Justin, Twister, Amy and Ivy have learned with Clicker Training. It is meant to inspire you to try Clicker Training with your horses.

This amazing technique is simple to use, it's fascinating, and is limited only by your imagination.

Anyone can learn Clicker Training by reading the instructions freely given on the internet. Books and videos are available online and at many book stores.

                                                                                                   JUSTIN  AND JAN

Almost anyone who uses Clicker Training would be glad to share their

experiences with you and would give you tips to get you started.

Clicker Training is nothing new. It has been used for years and is

currently gaining acceptance as a very effective training tool by 

horsemen around the world.


I first read about Clicker Training horses on the internet.

What amazes me about this method is that your horses learn how to learn

and you learn how to teach. I now 

consider it a very important part of my

training program and I rarely go to the

barn or ride without a bag of treats.

In looking through the photos on the

following pages, you will see some

practical things to teach and some fun

tricks we have learned with Clicker training.                           


                                                                                                 TWISTER AND JAN


We are very proud of our Clicker Trained foals. They learn so quickly,                     and we have really enjoyed working with them.                                                                













                                                                                           MIRABS MISS AMERICA 

                                                                                                  (AMY) AND JAN                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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